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     Green Garden Gold makes it simple, easy, and affordable to integrate CBD products into your offerings. Our 30 DAY INVENTORY BUY-BACK GUARANTEE shows just how far we go to support our wholesalers. We offer incredible customer service, helpful marketing materials, and employee training on all things CBD. Green Garden Gold doesn’t just fill orders,  we empower YOUR business to succeed.

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# 1 Trusted Brand For All Things CBD

Green Garden Gold has the highest customer retention rate in the industry. Not only do people know that our brand works, they know our hemp derived CBD products are sourced from USDA certified organic Colorado farms, manufactured in FDA registered facilities, and third party lab tested for ingredients and quality control.

Demand For CBD is Growing Fast

Sales volume for CBD products is all set to triple by 2022. Moving fast to capture this market growth is a key business goal for our customers.

Make Orders Backed By Strategy

We work with over 2,000 wholesalers nation wide. Our qualified sales professionals will help you customize EVERY order to maximize sales revenue and increase your market access. We stand behind this with our 30 day inventory buy back gaurantee.

All Things CBD

Green Garden Gold offers the most diverse CBD product menu in the marketplace. With over 80 individual SKUS, and more always in development, Green Garden Gold will always have several products that can support your existing market, no matter the industry.

Expand Your Customer Base

The CBD space is expected to triple in sales volume within the next ten years. This unprecedented rise of interest in CBD products creates dozens of inroads for entrepreneurs and business owners to expand their market access and customer base.

Physicians & Holistic Practitioners

Just like yourself, Green Garden Gold’s top priority and concern is always the health and wellbeing of our customers. Our product development and manufacturing practices reflect this.

Chiropractic Practices

Your business model hinges on a core concept, “make my customer feel better, and they will return”. Green Garden Gold offers several products tailored to your profession that target painful joints, aching backs, sore muscles, and physical therapy support through inflamation reduction CBD capsules and topicals, as well as CBD & lidocaine infused 48 hour time release patches.

Vape & Head Shops

Your business pioneered the industry and trailblazed the path for CBD. What matters most to you is customer retention, customer satisfaction, and a healthy profit margin. Green Garden Gold dominates all others in all three of these areas in relation to product value, efficacy, and our wholesale pricing to MSRP.

Supplement Stores

Your customers go to your store for many reasons, but they all share a common goal – they want to feel and be more healthy. Green Garden Gold’s product menu is the most diverse in the industry and every one of them supports good health. It’s not just our slogan, its our modus operandi.

Gymns & Fitness

Yours is the business of change and transformation. People use your services to become something more, something better. Green Garden Gold offers CBD infused products that empower your customers to achieve it a little easier and faster, without compromising thier values or health. Our CBD weight control product line is designed to give your customers more rewards for their efforts, in a natural, holistic way.

Pet Stores & Veterinary Clinics

What makes your business unique? Simply put, your customers make purchases not for themselves, but for the love they have for their pet. So to improve your sales volume all you have to do is improve the quality of life and health of your customer’s pets. This is made easy through Green Garden Gold’s CBD pet product line. From dog treats, CBD oil drops, to joint formulated capsules, your customers will swoon over the impact our products make.


Your job is not an easy one. You are tasked with balancing many variables to find the perfect offering of products, that will meet the needs of the largest market segment, and then to acquire those products at the lowest price possible to offer the greatest profit margin to your customers. Thankfully, Green Garden Gold makes that easy with out imense product offerings and competitive pricing.

Offer Products Customers Will Buy 

Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Staple of CBD

The Full Spectrum Value

Many companies make their CBD oils with isolate; it’s cheaper to manufacture and still holds great value. Full spectrum CBD oils, however, are made with directly extracted CBD all its other synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Capitalize on the Growing Vape Market

Many CBD users prefer vaping high quality CBD oils as a method for incorporating naturally occuring CBD into their daily life. Green Garden Gold’s CBD oils are designed for the most enjoyable and vape-friendly experience.

CBD Capsules

Simple, Easy, & Fast

Easier Dosage Management

The most common reason a customer becomes dissatisfied with a CBD product involves dosage. It could involve the customer having misunderstandings, reading labels wrong, expecting effect to be immediate, and so on. Green Garden Gold created CBD Oil Capsules as a way of eliminating this problem. With exact amounts of CBD in each capsule, and with simple to understand instructions on the bottle, many users prefer this method over others. This product has become the highest selling product of Green Garden Gold.

Appeals to New Users More

Trying to explain to a new prospective user of CBD as to why they need to hold oil under their tongue for a minute is a hard sell. It’s a big change for most, often times too big. However, taking a CBD Oil Capsule just like any other pill is much easier for them, thus easier for you to sell.  

CBD Gummies

Attractive & Tasty Relief

Great For Checkout Add-ons

Their bright colors draw customer’s attention and the value is easy to communicate in seconds. Second fastest selling product in the CBD industry.

Perfect on The Go

Many customers want a little CBD throughout the day, but don’t want to carry a bottle of pills/capsules, or risk spilling CBD oil all over their car and purse. These Yummy Gummies are the solution to this market need. Perfect to stash in a purse, a car’s cup holder, or your pant’s pocket – they’re good to go.

Ready To Assist You

Have questions about Green Garden Gold, our products, or our services? No problem!  We have qualified sales professionals whose top priority is empowering your success! Please give us a call or send us a message so we may assist you!

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A Few Words From Our Wholesalers

“I’m a new customer of Green Garden Gold.  After my first order I requested for a little information on CBD so I could train my salesfloor. Instead of just sending me a bunch of docs and pdfs, they set up a series of online video training sessions between my staff and their CEO. I sat in on one of these sessions and was blown away. These guys are super passionate. Everyone in the room left the meeting knowing how to better sell CBD, and we’re excited… and when I say better sell it’s not through tricks or gimmicks, but by giving my customers what they really want. Excellent support.”

– customer belongs to a popular pet store chain

“I’ve been with Green Garden Gold a long time. Great company that puts my needs first. When I placed my first order I just wanted to grab a few things I thought my customers would want. It didn’t really move like I had hoped. I got a follow up call a few weeks after I placed the order checking on how things were going. They helped me customize my next order, and the difference was amazing. They really know their market and how to sell their products, and which products are the right fit.”

 customer has a chiropractic practice

“I believe in numbers. I buy Green Garden Gold because their products sell. that’s it. They can tell you a hundred reasons why they sell, but I don’t really have time for all that. I run a small chain of convenience stores and as long as they keep selling, I’ll keep stocking them. Customer since Oct 2016.”

– customer is owner of several convenience stores